A Closet Staple: The Graphic Tee

 Splashed by DKG has mastered one of my favorite staples, graphic tees. Graphic T-shirts are a versatile (and comfortable!) must for anyone’s closet. Typically it is the first thing we grab for on a lounge day, but a graphic tee works just as well paired with a tailored pant and heels. The distress and destruction tee has been such a big trend so I loved grabbing my scissors and incorporating my own twist to this tee. I paired mine with a sophisticated trouser because the graphic tee element adds interest to an otherwise simple pant.  

    If you are worried a graphic t-shirt is boring or isn’t your style, Splashed By DKG has focused on an eye catching Denim logo design that spices up the basic tee. You could also pair their tee with dressier elements like a blazer, heels, and classic accessories making it look more accessible for a business casual day. It's easy for people to think that if you are wearing a graphic tee, you are dressed down. You can easily dress up a graphic tee, but you just need to know how. Choose key items, add your own personal touch and your graphic tee is on a whole new level.