How to Wear SplashedbyDKG Denim Overalls: 7 Tips That Work

Once upon a time, you were shopping the SplashedbyDKG website and saw these overalls you HAD to have. The hand dyed detail is exactly what you've been looking for to start your bold style resolutions off right. And the wide leg is a unique element to the classic overall that will be sure to balance out your curves (or the lack thereof) from all those holiday sweets. You have nowhere to go...yet. And you don't know how to style them...yet. But you NEED them-- and you buy them -- now what?! Well here are a few tips to help you.

  1. Don't be intimidated- It’s just clothing. Take a breath and say it one more time out loud, “I will not be intimidated, this is clothing." Great, let's move on.
  2. Find inspiration-Hand dying and wide legs are what drew you to these overalls but they can be difficult to style. Search for these key details on sites like Pinterest to get a few ideas.
  3. Define your look-Are you classic or edgy? Or a combination? Pick one to narrow down your inspiration pics.
  4. Taylor to your life/occasion- Take a second to think about where you're going to wear (or might wear) this piece. A casual outing or work?  Where you're going will help to further narrow down your final look.
  5. What is the item made to do-Is your item meant to stand out or help another piece stand up? Bold prints like this one are meant to be a show stopper!
  6. Pick a color scheme- This is a bold print but in a neutral color palette that makes it easy to play with. Pops of color in neutrals like metallic or animal print add extra interest. Also, different variations of blue, gray and white allow you to accessorize the garment without too much fuss.
  7. Play with textures- Denim alone is good but double denim is always great in my book. Textures like silk and lace in monochromatic prints would be some other options to try out.

All in all this is fashion honey and the only rule is THERE ARE NO RULES. Let me know in the comments below if these tips have helped you? Or if you have tried a SplashedbyDKG piece let me know how you wore it?