Never Fail, Regret, or forget to LIVE

We got the chance to work with Victoria Sanders, @thevicstyles, twice in 2016 and both times were absolutely amazing. The first collaboration was her serving as a stylist for our Art on the Rocks presentation at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The second time she was our muse, our model, and our stylist for the images you see below. Victoria is a former Alabama resident and she made the massive leap of faith to move to California to pursue her dreams. Throughout her time there, she has forged key business relationships, developed an empowerment brunch series (Boss Brunch), spoken on countless panels, worked as a wardrobe stylist, started a blog, and amassed an instagram following of over 20k. Needless to say, the lady is VERY BUSY. But with success comes trials and tests that can only be overcome with hardwork. Read our interview with Victoria to see where she's been, where she's at, and how she got through it with mostly zen vibes. 


Q: Your followers know you as a stylist, blogger, and social influencer, but I know there are more layers. You've shared some very personal details about your life story. Is there anything that you will never tell anyone about yourself? Yes or no?If no, why?

A: I'm an open book. If I've done it or gone through it I think it's important for me to share those experiences with people. I think it's important for people to see my lows, and understand just how bad I've had that I can give them hope. Like maybe someone will look at me and say "She survived it....I can too"

Q: How are you able to be so transparent with your struggles? Are you able to share them in the heat of battle or do you have to overcome them first? 

A: I for sure have to overcome them first. In the heat of the moment I feel weak. I feel vulnerable. I haven't yet learned the lesson so it's hard for me to find positivity in it. 

Q: I've worked with you twice now and both times I've gotten a sense that you don't take things/life/work TOO seriously (in the bad way). Have you always been like that? 

A: Always *laughs*. I'm such a free spirit. I go with the flow of life. The things that are supposed to get done... the things that are supposed to happen— life will make sure they do. 

Q:  I've wanted to move for quite some time but I've never found that right time or opportunity. I now find myself content living here until life pulls me away. I know that with moving comes A LOT of struggles. Talk about leaving Alabama and moving out to California. Talk about the drive from Birmingham to LA. What was going through your mind? 

A: It was simultaneously the most foolish and best decision I've ever made in life. I dropped out of college with 3 classes left. I packed up my car and drove from Alabama to California with like $300 to my name. I had no job lined up. No internship. Just a dream. I honestly remember thinking "just go. Figure it out when you get there. You got this." And it figured itself out. Every month was a struggle, but I made it. I was broke, but I was so happy. I was doing what I loved and that's all that mattered to me. 

Q: Tell me about a time that you failed in your journey to who you are now. I mean epically failed to the point where you thought you had completely blown it. 

A: I don't think I've ever had that moment. I've failed before...lost money, lost clothes I borrowed. But I've never felt like it was over. Ever. I've just always known that there are storms and there is sunshine. 

Q: If I gave you an unlimited amount of money at this very moment and said create a company, what would its function be? Who would it serve? 

A: It would for sure have something to do with cultivating creativity in the black community. Teaching workshops and classes to young black kids. Letting them tap into the arts and showing them that youcan be creative and successful. Teaching them that there are other options besides sports, rap, college, and the military. I don't think there's enough of that for black people. 

Q: Will you ever go back to a "regular" job? 

A: Never ever ever. Kidding. I can't say never, things happen. If things start to go south in my career I'll do whatever it takes: bartend, drive Uber, work retail. I'm sure there would be a lesson in there somewhere

Q: Give us your word or mantra for 2017.

A: Live. In every sense of the word. I'm doing more, going more, loving more than I ever have. I am creating the life I want to live. 

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