Nashville Fashion Week 2018


Since making our debut at Nashville Fashion Week in the Spring of 2017, Splashed by DKG has grown IMMENSELY. We loved the way in which the Nashville community celebrated our work and the work of all of the other designers and artisans that participated in the event. We set out to bring that very experience to Birmingham. And we did! In May of 2017, just one month after presenting in Nashville, we founded and began planning Magic City Fashion Week. In five short months, we hosted several events with the specific intent of building the creative community, spreading HIV awareness education, and getting our name out there for the week to come. Needless to say, we hosted an amazing week of fashion and awareness events from October 24-28, 2017. 

That experience propelled us forward into this year's Nashville Fashion Week presentation. We went into it differently this year because now we had been "on the other side." We saw what all it took to set a stage for other people to present on. IT! WAS! HARD! But it was worth it. We knew that we could not come into this year without a plan to absolutely stun the Nashville audience. 

The design process for us is always somewhat slow. Daniel and myself go back and forth on what we like and don't like. One thing we decided early on this year was that we would not be focusing on trends. Instead we would be focused on creating something that we LOVE and that we can sell. We haven't always achieved that in the past. We might've gotten one or the other, but never both. We approached Collection X with the KISS method (Keep it simple stupid). We asked ourselves, "what do people want to wear and how do they want to feel?" The resounding answer that we came back with was cute and comfortable. So we incorporated silhouettes that were forgiving to the average person who likes to eat! We wanted for a woman from a size 2 to a size 22 to be able to look at our clothes and to see themselves. We think that we've achieved that. 

As far as our Nashville Fashion Week presentation, the music was all from the Black Panther soundtrack. We both saw and were extremely inspired by that movie and what it represented. It was such a powerful statement and representation of our community and we wanted to bring the same thing to our runway. We always like to make statements while representing who we are and where we come from on the runway. Last year we used "protest" signs and durags to do that. This year, we opted to put the message on the back of 15 denim jackets. We also utilized berets as a nod to the people who have fought for equality and justice before us. 

Collection X is special for so many reasons. For one, its the first collection that we didn't rush together. We thought deeply about our customer. It's also our 10th collection, which for a 4 year old brand is pretty insane. Moreover, X can be seen as a starting point. This collection is a new beginning for us and we can't wait to see what's next! View the collection below. 

Magic City Fashion Week