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These Jeans were BODIED.” -Funmi Ford

Nashville Fashion Week 2018

Splashed by DKG headlined the Emerging Designer Showcase at Nashville Fashion Week. Click to see how they turned Nashville into SPLASHVILLE! 

Collection X

We're proud to announce that our much anticipated 10th collection is now available. Click to view.



Splashed by DKG is a fashion brand that exists to make everyday look and feel like a runway. We firmly believe that when you look your best, you feel and can perform at your best. 


To popularize. To cause a stir. To make an impact. To make a SPLASH. 


Splashed by DKG is a luxury streetwear brand based in Birmingham, Alabama known for hand-constructed garments that are marked by bold, meticulously designed textiles that elevate classic designs for the fashion-forward man and trendsetting woman. 

From start to finish – We handle all of our handmade luxury denim apparel with the utmost care and a fixated attention to quality and detail. Luxurious. Provocative. Splashed.